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For those who haven't been to one of these yet, they are informal get-togethers where a few like-minded people can gather to swill some coffee, ask questions that are most on our minds (especially about apologetic issues), and generally have a good time together. All are welcome.
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Historical Truths of the Resurrection of Christ
Why not start your own Coffee

It really is quite easy. Pick a venue (a coffee shop with enough room for you and your friends), and put out the invitation. It's always a good idea to have a question or two ready that you've read up on, you can be sure people will bring topics of their own.

You don't need a lot of planning!
Start of with one other person and get a meeting or two under your belt. Once you're established slowly ask more people, then ask them to bring their friends. If you get too many people, spread out. Take more tables, or spill over into another coffee shop!

We can help you!
If you want to have a "trial event" with friends, Youth group or Church, we can join you for the first one and give you a few pointers. Coffee's on us!
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We usually have a couple of questions ready to discuss, but we are pretty open to anything that you might have that you'd really like to talk about.. so now's your chance to get that real tough one out and off your chest!

We often meet in the West Island and Laval, but we're branching out into NDG shortly. Our ultimate goal is to have these little meetings all over Montreal.

Want to join us? Drop us a line or keep watching our site or our facebook group where we announce them. You can just show up unannounced if you like.

Topics and Trainers
The focus of our Coffee Nights is discussing specific and relevant topics of interest to people of all all backgrounds regardless of how much exposure they have had to apologetics. That's why each night has a "Trainer", or a practical instuction in how to look at tough questions and to answer them "with gentleness and respect"
(1st Peter 3:15).

Some of the topics discussed at previous meetings:

-Why do Christian 'Worship' God? Is He on some kind of ego-trip?

-Are Science and Christianity compatible?

-Should Christians be involved politically? Should we try to change our nation's laws to make them more in line with the bible?

-Was Jesus married? How reliable are the early Christian writings?

-Should we as Christians take in everything our culture offers, or should we stand outside of it? How engaged should we be in understanding what are the current trends? 

Next Meet-Up: Monday November 19th
Starbucks at 6321 autoroute
Transcanadienne, Pointe-Claire, Quebec
in the Chapters bookstore, upstairs at 7:30pm
How to find us in a crowd

Well, you show up at the advertised coffee shop, but which table or tables are we at? Never fear. We always put one of our Reasonable Faith Montreal cards on the table as we talk. Further, I'll probably be there, and if not, my brother who looks somewhat similar....