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On Guard:
Defending you Faith with Reason and Precision
by William Lane Craig
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Historical Truths of the Resurrection of Christ
The BIG Questions
Let me share something with you before you begin. I have been a Christian for over three decades, and in that time I have met many people with real pain in their hearts because they had questions that went unanswered. Worse, they went unasked for the longest time.

The real shame here is that the answers are often within easy reach. Not pat answers, but ones that fully satisfy! There have been many times in my Christian life where I struggled and puzzled over issues only to stumble onto answers that brought me incredible joy and a deeper and much more meaningful relationship with my Lord Jesus Christ.

So DON'T suffer in silence. Ask God to reveal Himself to you- He has promised to do so. Break open the bible on your own or with a group of friends and you will get know what it means to have the mind of Christ. DON'T miss out on JOY.
If we can be of any help PLEASE contact us! Our Apologetics Hotline is always open. If you live in Montreal we'd be glad to meet with you if you like.
Rev. Tim Keller
Audio Q&A
on some of the Big Questions.
All under 10 mintues. Excellent stuff.
Dr. William Lane Craig
has extensive resources available on the Big Questions in articles and Audio/visual
Dr. Ravi Zacharius
Answers the Big Questions and asks them to Atheists as well.
This site has mountains of information on tough questions and other issues, but check out their Q&A on Theology
Can't find what you're looking for? Write us with your question and we'll point you to an answer within 24 hours (Lord willing!)
We can also point you to some excellent books- we might even have what you're looking for in our library, and we can give it to you.
Individual Questions:
How to Believe
Prof. John Lennox of Oxford University
Wonderful Audio/Video
on some Science and Faith, and more!
275 Questions on video
Short videos, about 5 minutes each, on some of the big questions. It's a good place to start!
Questions are an opportunity, not a source of discouragment! That's our motto here at RFM. So we'd like to give you and opportunity to join us, on the last Sunday of every month at Madison Baptist church at 1:00pm for a half-hour Q&A session. You can write us ahead of time with what's on your mind, or just show up and ask away!