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The origins of the New Testament are misunderstood by society in general, and even by Christians who may have been in church for years. How was it put together? Who were the authors? When was it written? Does it have errors and contradictions? Is it a true history and account of the life of Jesus Christ? Is it speaking in metaphor and not meant to be taken literally?

Can We Trust the Bible?
Do you worry that someone will ask you a question about your faith that you can't answer?

Have you tried to learn how to defend your faith but gotten lost in confusing language and philosophy?

Do you struggle with times of spiritual doubt yourself?

Would you like to start your own apologetics group, but lack full training?
Thursday March 1st at 7pm
The venue is:

Westview Bible Church,
16789 Pierrefonds Blvd, Pierrefonds, QC
Some links on Biblical Reliability
For a good intro to the subject, check this article:
For those who like in-depth research, this is the spot for you. It also has an answer to every question you could ever dream of on the issue:
Christian Think Tank
We will try to post each Talk a few days before the event right here:
Here's a site that tackles a lot of questions in an easy to read format:
Cold Case Christianity
To read up on the opinion that the bible is NOT reliable, take a look at this site:
Bart Ehrman Blog
..and a critique of Bart Ehrman's top ten "verses that were not in the original text"
Stand to Reason
Some books on the subject:

Historical Reliability of the New Testament, by Craig Blomberg

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Black, David Alan. 1994. New Testament Textual Criticism: A Concise Guide. Baker Academic.

F.F. Bruce - New Testament Documents, Are They Reliable

Kruger, Michael J. 2012. Canon Revisited: Establishing the Origins and Authority of the New Testament Books. Crossway.

Lightfoot, Neil R. 2010. How We Got the Bible. Baker Books.

Metzger, Bruce M., and Bart D. Ehrman. 2005. The Text of the New Testament: Its Transmission, Corruption, and Restoration. Oxford University Press, USA.

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An introductory survey of questions about the text of the New Testament
Stand to Reason

How quickly did early church documents spread ?
The Textual Mechanic
Some links on the Manuscript EvidenceReliability
Can we still believe the Bible? A look at text issues (400,000 errors?!?)